Orchids in the Wild™ Ecotours

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An orchid blooming on a tree trunk in the sun and rain of its native habitat is one of the miracles of the natural world every orchid lover should see at least once.

The OCA sponsors trips to see orchids in the wild in our reserves as well as elsewhere. Thus far we have had trips to Chiapas (Mexico), Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Southern China (Guangshi, Yunnan) and western China (northern Yunnan Sicuan), Thailand, Papua New Guinea, France, Greece, and Madagascar. Primarily, these trips are a lot of fun. You will come home with many wonderful orchid photos. They are also very educational; once you see how the orchids you are trying to grow at home actually grow in nature you will know a lot more about the particular conditions that will make them thrive for you. Orchids in the Wild™ tours take you to places you would never see otherwise.


Tours Temporarily Suspended

We have temporarily suspended the tours due to the ongoing pandemic. But when it is safe to travel again, stay tuned. We have planned trips to Madagascar, Eastern Colombia, Western Australia, Sikkim, Papua New Guinea and Switzerland, so we are looking forward to our future trips.
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