A Compendium of Miniature Orchid Species. Volumes 1 and 2.


The miniature orchid grower’s bible, this two volume set features in-depth descriptions of over 500 individual miniature orchid species in more than 120 genera. These volumes include photographs of all represented species, with taxonomic data and cultural information. This is truly a monumental work. Published in 2013, these volumes will not go out of date for decades.

Orchidées de Genova à Barcelona


Many wonderful pictures, enabling easy identification, of 151 species of orchids, along the Mediterranean coast from Genoa in Italy to Barcelona in Spain. The book has an extensive index. The text of the book is in French. Published in 2009, 224 pages, published in France

A Bay Area Guide to Orchids and their Culture


This richly illustrated book is tailored specially to the needs of the San Francisco Bay Area Orchid grower, offering detailed orchid culture information along with recommendations of orchids to grow indoors, in cool to warm-intermediate greenhouses or outdoors, with microclimate-specific suggestions for those choosing to grow outdoors.

Orchids of Tropical America


“Provides an easily accesible and finely illustrated beginner’s guide to the fascinating morphology, diversity, ecology, and conservation of orchids. You could not find a better trio of enthusiasts and specialists to introduce you to the wonderfull and occaisonally bizarre world of tropical America orchids.” – From the Foreword by Phillip J. Cribb.

The Orchid Whisperer


In this easy-to-follow guide, Bruce Rogers shares his expert tips from more than three decades of breeding and growing orchids. Perfect for both beginners and orchid experts looking for new tricks, The Orchid Whisperer, covers everything you need to know to grow healthy orchids that will bloom again and again. This book has proven to be a consistent seller at orchid shows when people say to us “I’m just a beginner. How do I grow this orchid I just bought?”