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Hardcover Spanish edition Las Orquideas de Mexico

Las Orquideas de Mexico


A superb treatment of Mexican native orchids grouped by the wide range of biomes from arid zones to tropical rain forest and coastal to alpine vegetation. The location and climate data are extremely helpful to growing these orchids in your collection. Additional chapters are devoted to orchids and people, the Mexican landscape, and conservation.

The Orchid Whisperer


In this easy-to-follow guide, Bruce Rogers shares his expert tips from more than three decades of breeding and growing orchids. Perfect for both beginners and orchid experts looking for new tricks, The Orchid Whisperer, covers everything you need to know to grow healthy orchids that will bloom again and again. This book has proven to be a consistent seller at orchid shows when people say to us “I’m just a beginner. How do I grow this orchid I just bought?”