Why you should join the OCA

All around the world, orchids are disappearing because their habitats are being taken for agriculture, mining, development, or some other human activity. Joining the OCA puts you together with hundreds of others who are working to protect orchid habitats. The OCA is the premier US organization focusing its efforts on protecting tropical orchid habitats. Other groups, such as Conservation International and the World Wildlife Fund, are also working to conserve tropical habitats, but the OCA is the only one to focus on orchids. Thus, if you are an orchid lover, the OCA is your natural conservation choice.

In addition to the sure knowledge of your good works, membership in the OCA entitles you to priority inclusion in our Orchids in the Wild® trips and guarantees you e-mail delivery of our periodic newsletters. Your donations are used only for conservation; we have no paid employees and our directors serve pro bono. Because the OCA is a 501(c)3 public charity, your donations are fully tax deductible. Join now!

Membership Levels

Individual Membership

All membership levels enable you to be an important supporter of orchid conservation and provide early notice of upcoming trips.

Family Membership

Enroll your whole family in the fight to preserve orchids and orchid habitats.

Sponsor Membership

Membership at this level purchases an acre of orchid rich habitat in the tropics (after matching by the RainforestTrust).

Patron Membership

Patron Membership


Patron Membership $600

Patron membership pays the salary of a reserve guard for one month or the purchase of four acres of orchid rich habitat.

Patron membership pays the salary of a reserve guard for one month or the purchase of five+ acres of orchid rich habitat (after matching by the RainforestTrust).

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Society Annual Memberships

Society Memberships provide a way for the members of a society to work together toward the goals of the Alliance. The basic annual society membership is $2 per society member. Please contact us to arrange a society membership.