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Post World Orchid Conference Tour –

$4500 per person (double occupancy), $500 single supplement.

Pre-tour: We offer an optional pre-tour to Kunming Botanic Garden. The pretour begins on March 13 in Kunming with a dinner at our Kunming Hotel. The following day the group will visit the Kunming Botanic Gardens, where the world class rhododendron and azalea collection will hopefully be in peak bloom. We will also tour two areas not open to the public, namely the tropical glass Dome garden and the Orchid Collection. The following day (March 15) the pre-tour group will leave for Jinghong to join the main tour (Southern Yunnan tour).


Southern Yunnan Tour:  Tour participants should plan on arriving in Jinhong, a city in southern Yunnan, on March 15, where they will meet each other and the tour leader in the lobby of the Shijijinyan Hotel for dinner. The next day we begin the tour in earnest, first with a visit to the Xishuangbanna Tropical Garden, and later in the afternoon visiting a limestone area rich in native orchids.

We will visit various sites near Jinghong for the next few days, then travel to a valley where the only wild elephants in China can still be found. We will visit some orchid sites nearby, then travel to Simao, where we will visit other orchid sites and the Laiyanghe Nature Reserve. In Jinghong we will visit the Jinghong Grand village and observe black crested gibbons, then other orchid rich sites in the vicinity of Xinpin. Finally, we return to Kunming at the end of the tour, where participants will fly home.

To enhance the experience of our visitors, the trip size will be limited to 14. Although there will not be extremely strenuous hikes on this trip, we may be scrambling up banks, walking on uneven forest trails, and some moderate hiking in limestone areas. Thus to best enjoy the tour and experience the orchids in the wild, participants should be in good health and reasonable physical condition. The OCA reserves the right to limit participants due to health or fitness reasons.

The tour price includes all hotels, meals, bus transportation, guides, and entry to reserves and botanical gardens. Alcoholic beverages not included in price.



Day 1 - Jinghong

Date : March 15, 2020

Shijijinyuan Hotel

Tour participants meet in the lobby of Shijijinyuan Hotel, Jinghong for a welcome dinner. Participants arriving a day early may want to make local tour arrangements (not included in tour price, but easily arranged). Overnight in Jinghong.

Day 2 - Mengla

Date : March 16, 2020

Xishjuangbanna Tropical Botanic Garden

Visit Xishjuangbanna Tropical Botanic Garden. This garden, founded in 1959, has a remarkable collection of tropical plants, with over 13,000 species. It is a major research center for tropical botanic studies in China, and has over 100 senior researchers and over 240 graduate students. After touring the garden, we will visit Mengyuan in the afternoon, where we will observe different orchid species growing in a limestone area. Overnight in Mengla.

Day 3 - Jinghong

Date : March 17, 2020

Parashorea chinensis tree

In the morning we will visit one of the few regions in China where the tropical tree Parashorea chinensis grows. This remarkable great tropical tree species grows to 80m tall, and is found only in western Guangxi and southern Yunnan, China, with some populations also found in northern Vietnam.

Extensively overharvested, this species is listed on the IUCN red list as Endangered (EN). In the afternoon we visit some nearby orchid sites where we will find Dendrobium moschatum and other orchid species. Overnight in Jinghong.

Day 4 - Manghai Xiding

Date : March 18, 2020

Reserve near Manghai Xiding

In the morning we will visit a reserve near Manghai Xiding, where we will observe Paphiopedlulm villosum; and in the afternoon travel to Menglian to visit a site with Vanda coerulea. Overnight in Jinghong.

Day 5 - Dadugang

Date : March 19, 2020

Wild Elephant Valley

Today we visit the Wild Elephant Valley, the only place in China where wild Asian elephants still roam. Here visitors can walk in overhead corridors (suspended in the tall trees) where they can watch the elephants feed, frolic and bathe.

In the afternoon we will visit Dadugang where we will observe Holcoglossum amesianaum and several dendrobium species. Overnight in Simao.

Day 6 - Nuazhadu

Date : March 20, 2020

Observe orchid species

In the morning we travel by bus to Nuazhadu where we will observe Paphiopedilum bellatulum, Dendrobium chrysocrepis, Vanilla siamensis and other orchid species. Overnight in Simao.

Day 7 - Laiyangshe

Date : March 21, 2020

Laiyangshe Nature Reserve

Today we visit the Laiyangshe Nature Reserve, where we will observe Phalaenopsis wilsonii and other orchid species. Overnight in Simao.

Day 8 - Jinghong

Date : March 22, 2020

Travel to Jinghong

Travel to Jinghong, botanizing along the way, observing Phalaenopsis wilsonii and other orchid species. Overnight in Jinghong.

Day 9 - Jinghong

Date : March 23, 2020

Jinghong Grand Village

We visit Jinghong Grand Village and observe Black Crested Gibbons (Nomascus concolor), renowned for their morning singing, arboreal habis, and love of flowers (to eat) and sugar rich fruits. Overnight in Jinghong.

Day 10 - Xinping

Date : March 24, 2020

Observe Renanthera imschootiana and other orchid species

We travel by bus to Xinping, botanizing along the way to observe Renanthera imschootiana and other orchid species. Overnight in Xinping.

Day 11 - Xinping

Date : March 25, 2020

Observe Pleione barbarae and other orchid species

In an orchid rich area near Xinping we will observe Pleione barbarae, Pleione yunnanensis, Dendrobium jenkinsii and Bulbophyllum wenlandianum as well as other orchid species. Overnight in Xinping.

Day 12 - Kunming

Date : March 26, 2020

Observe Paphiopedilum wenshanense and Farewell Dinner

In the morning we will travel to a site where we can observe Paphiopedilum wenshanense, then in the afternoon return to Kunming. We will have a farewell dinner. Overnight at Best Hotel near Kunming airport.

Day 13 - Return Trip

Date : March 27, 2020

Travelers return home

Participants return home.

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    Start Sunday March 15, 2020
    End Friday March 27, 2020
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Chinese Visa: http://www.china-embassy.org/eng/visas/hrsq/
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December 15, 2019. $1,000 per person ($1,050 if paying through PayPal). This is needed to reserve your spot on the tour. Refundable up to January 15, 2020, or if alternate to your spot can be found.

January 15, 2020. Refund of the deposit cannot be made after this date.

Checks should be made payable to the Orchid Conservation Alliance and mailed to:

Mary E. Gerritsen, CFO
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Out of USA? Money can be transferred by wire. Contact Mary@orchidconservationalliance.org for further information.