Project Serra Bonita

The OCA has donated $30,000 to acquire more land for Reserva Serra Bonita.The reasons are:

  • The land has excellent orchid biodiversity. See the orchid inventory and read about its birds.
  • The land is protected by Brazilian conservation easements (RPPN).
  • The reserve is managed by the Instituto Uiraçu with good local and international connections
  • and financial support from the Rainforest Trust.
  • Vitor Becker and Clemira Souza, originators of the reserve, are recognized by the National Geographic Society for their conservation work.

Please read the OCA’s full analysis.

The OCA’s Directors have initiated a campaign to raise another $20,000 for Reserva Serra Bonita by the end of 2013. The World Wildlife Fund will match all donations raised through OCA up to $50,000. Land at Reserva Serra Bonita costs an average of $400 per acre. Thus our $50,000 will purchase 250 acres after matching by the World Wildlife Fund US. See a map of Serra Bonita.

Read a report about Reserva Serra Bonita prepared by the Instituto Uiracu in 2012.

Vitor Becker and Clemira Souza