Project EcoMinga’s Dracula Reserve

The OCA’s Directors want to develop a reserve to protect Dracula sp. and other orchids In Ecuador. The Dracula reserve will protect several properties near the Colombian border, where Draculas were first discovered. The area is threatened by road development, conversion to agriculture, and plant collection.


  • Fundación Ecominga will own and manage the reserve.The OCA has a long and productive history of collaborating with Fundación Ecominga to develop orchid reserves. Our first project was to assist Fundación Ecominga to develop the Rio Anzu reserve near Ba?os, Ecuador.
  • Since development of Reserva Rio Anzu, Fundación Ecominga has successfully developed several large reserves in the Ba?os area. Thus they have a history of successful reserve development.
  • Read the project description submitted to OCA by Fundación Ecominga. Note that this description has been edited so as not to identify the particular properties to be purchased.
  • Three exceptional properties have been identified for priority purchase.
  • These properties encompass 324 acres.
  • The Rainforest Trust has agreed to match our donations up to $44,000.
  • Thus our cost per acre is $136.

OCA’s Donation Goal:$44,000

What Your Donation Gets You

1,360 10
680 5
408 3
272 2
136 1